Philippe Bronzini

An auspicious name

The roots of the Bronzini family run deep in the Mediterranean Basin. The name Bronzini has its origins in Corsica, but the family line is principally descended from the Férigoule family (meaning thyme in Provençal), an ancient Provençal farming family.

From an early age, Philipe Bronzini has been passionate about olive oil and the olive tree, a passion transmitted to him by his father Alain. Alain Bronzini, the olive grower of the family, is a man of the soil. He was the founder and first president of the Assemblée des Confréries (bringing together the Fraternities of different producers from Provence).

A wild dream

An entrepreneur at heart, Philippe Bronzini took over the Charterhouse Mill in June 2008 to become the new Master Miller of Villeneuve-lez- Avignon.

Before he bought it, Philippe Bronzini knew the Charterhouse Mill well: with his father, he had been supplying it with olives for a decade and was involved in the different phases of production in order to master all the aspects involved, in terms of both technique and taste.


Nowadays it is Philippe Bronzini who embodies the identity of the Maison Bronzini.


Philippe Bronzini swiftly fitted out the Mill with a brand new production line using the latest technologies to boost the quality of production.

Alongside the Cuvée Terroir, he developed two new Cuvées: the Olive Oil of Provence AOC and the organic olive oil. The range was later rounded out by the Fruité Noir and Herbes des Garrigues Cuvées. Success soon followed and these efforts were first rewarded in 2010 with awards that filled the entrepreneur and his son-in- law, Christophe Randoulet, with pride. Together they select the olives, monitor the production process and develop the subtle blends of the Mill.


Gold Medal at the PACA and Languedoc competition in 2011, 2013 and 2014

Gold Medal at the Concours Général Agricole in Paris in 2011, 2013 and 2016


Meanwhile, in collaboration with the state heritage agency Bâtiments de France Philippe Bronzini embarked on a full restoration of the building in order to restore this secular Mill to its full glory. It was declared a historic monument in 2009.

In 2012, he created the Mill Bistro with its garden, a place of discovery where “Bistronomie” showcases the best qualities of select, freshly prepared produce.

In 2016, the wild dream of Philippe Bronzini to turn the Charterhouse Mill into a unique and thriving site, revolving around the passion for olives and for flavour, took on a new dimension with the creation of a Bar and Tearoom, a Pâtisserie and the expansion of the Store. Maison Bronzini was born.

Further projects are already under preparation, including the creation of a complete range of cosmetics focused on olive oil and the olive tree. A preview is available in the ‘Cosmetics’ section. This range will be available from late 2016.

Philippe Bronzini stay the man of the Maison Bronzini